Best Couples Sex Toys and Why You Should Start Using Them

Lately, there's been a lot of talk about sex toys. And that doesn't surprise us, considering more and more people are ready to share their bedroom habits and preferences openly. But even though we have no trouble imagining single people actively playing with toys, the situation changes when we think about couples using sex toys.

After all, will it do any good to your relationship to introduce some gadgets into your sexcapades? And if so, which ones are the best? Read on to find out.

6 Reasons Why Couples Should Start Using Sex Toys

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Using toys when having sex with your significant other can have many benefits, from bonding to incredible orgasms. Let's discuss some of them.

1. Using Sex Toys Helps Take Pressure Off Both Partners

No matter how giving or attentive your partner is, sometimes it's just hard to climax. But if you bring in a sex toy or two, you will no longer have to pressure yourself into orgasming. Also, your partner won't feel the urgency to find and stimulate that one spot, just the way you like it. So, the sex will become more relaxing and mind-blowing.

2. Toys Make Sex Orgasmically Good

It's a legit scientific fact that vibrators enhance sexual satisfaction. And how could they not? Just imagine, between your partner and a toy, there's no way you can escape the big O, or two, or three...

3. They Inspire You to Try Something New and Experiment

With toys, you'll be inspired to try new things in the bedroom, like new positions, new ways to stimulate the same spots, new spots to massage, mutual masturbation, etc.

4. Sex Toys Make Your Fantasies Come True

Do you fantasize about being pulled over by a hot police officer? Handcuffs can help you with that. Or maybe you wish to be punished by a sexy teacher? There's a good whip for that, too. So, you and your partner can share your secret fantasies and make them come true with proper love gadgets.

5. They Can Also Boost Your Libido and Confidence

The rule of thumb is: the better your sex life is, the more you crave it. Interesting toys mean more good sex, and good sex, in turn, increases libido. Big libido brings on more bedroom action. And more sex further boosts your confidence, makes your mind and body more healthy, and strengthens your relationship.

6. Sex Toys Encourage Bonding

Yes, great and frequent sex can bring you closer to your partner. But other aspects of play, such as buying new sex toys, planning what to try next, and experimenting, also encourage intimacy and bonding. Spending time together and just having fun with each other will also increase the level of trust and make your relationship that much healthier. 

The Best Sex Toys for Couples

So, are you ready for some toe-curling sex with your significant other? Here are some toys that can make that happen.

1. Bullets

If you are new to the whole toy world, maybe start with something small and vibrating. Bullets are great for stimulating the clitoris, so your partner can focus on other ways of pleasing you. SKYN Thrill Vibrating Bullet is elegant, discreet, and has the potential to make you explode.

2. Rabbits

Another classic sex toy you should give a try is a rabbit. Pretty Love Dylan Rabbit Vibrator is a premium sex toy with multiple vibration modes and a stylish design. Pair it with a Seven Creations Thrusting Master Masturbator, and you got yourself a mutual masturbation session.

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3. G-spot Stimulators

Can you put a price on earth-shattering orgasms your significant other will feel? Of course not. So, go with Shots Media Mythical Clitoral Vibrator and be the one to fulfil all her desires.

Or, you can opt for Pretty Love Couples August Vibrator designed to massage your partner's clitoris and G-spot while you are penetrating.

4. Cock Rings

For dual pleasure, you can't do better than vibrating cock rings. Ohare XL Rechargeable Vibrating Cock Ring creates deep vibrations both partners can enjoy along with clitoral stimulation for her.

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5. Butt Plugs

If one or both of you is curious about anal stimulation, Vibrating Plug With Remote is a great way to start experimenting. Feel the incredible sensations while your partner holds the remote and guides you to the big O through the back door.

And while we are on the subject, Butt Silicone Please My P-Spot lets you play and stimulate your guy's P-spot until the powerful climax.

6. Magic Wands

If you are going to buy only one sex toy, it should probably be the irreplaceable Magic Wand like B Swish Bthrilled Classic Wand Massager Vibrator.

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7. Whips and Crops

Do you feel like dabbing into some BDSM? Cheaky Monkey has got you covered. We offer kegel balls, crops, straps, Wartenberg wheels, and so much more to satisfy any kink and fetish. 


All in all, sex toys really can offer more than just incredible orgasms. There are few things that can help you bond so intimately with your partner than exploring each other's bodies and sharing mind-blowing pleasure. So, stock up at Cheaky Monkey, and let sex toys take your relationship to the next level.