It's All Fun and Play: Best Sex Toys for Men

The sad truth is: despite all the porn in the world, masturbation can become monotonous from time to time. And since not many men are willing to give up this enjoyable pastime, we have to turn to the sex toy industry for inspiration. And boy, do we find it! Vibrators, flashlights, and butt plugs are just a part of the ever-growing sex toy offer.

However, this vast range of products can be a bit overwhelming, not to mention there are a lot of bad toys on the market as well. Therefore, we created this guide to help you navigate through a load of sex toys available and choose the perfect gadget to boost your solo sessions. Let's dig in! 

The Best Sex Toys For Men You Need to Try 

Blindly shopping for sex toys isn't very wise. And since safety is in numbers, we've compiled a list of the most beloved sex toys for men. So, here are the goodies.

1. Strokers

These little helpers can really come in handy (pun intended). And while there are numerous designs and versions available, a stroker is most commonly a tube with an open or a closed end. It slides over your cock to simulate the feeling of penetration.

Your partner is not up for using the back entrance? That's okay. CyberSkin Stealth Ass Stroker will give you hours of hands-free fun.

2. Penis Sleeves 

Another way to simulate penetration is with penis sleeves. Just like strokers, sleeves come in many forms, but maybe the most well-known one is the Fleshlight. The Fleshlight is basically a vagina or anus you can hold in your hands. Moreover, they feature ribbed surfaces that massage the entire length of your shaft.

Sounds good? Try Crazy Bull Flora Fleshlight Suction Cup Mouth Masturbator and prepare to have your mind blown.

3. Cock Rings

These stretchy bands go around the base of your penis and create mild pressure. With that, the cock ring restricts the blood flow to the penis, making your shaft more sensitive and prolonging the time before orgasm.

You can choose between the simple, inexpensive cock rings or the ones with a vibrating feature like Bcharmed Basic Wave Vibrating Cock Ring.

4. Anal Toys

Anal play can make all your sex adventures more satisfying, and that includes solo time. So, depending on your experience, you can treat yourself with a simple butt plug, such as Vibra Butt Plug II. Or you can up your game with something more extreme, like the Tail Spin Anal Vibrator, which offers nine different vibration sensations.

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5. P-spot Massagers 

Not to be confused with regular anal toys, P-spot stimulators are anatomically designed to have a special curb in order to reach your prostate. And we will forever be grateful for that. So, to receive deep, unbelievably awesome prostate orgasms, you should definitely try a prostate massager. Trust us, once you get to combine prostate orgasm with the regular one, you'll never be the same.

6. Sex Dolls 

Are you tired of all the handwork and need something to hump on? Don't worry. Cheaky Monkey is ready to meet your desires with various kinds of sex dolls.

You really can't put a price on the hours of pleasure and companionship a realistic sex doll can provide you. Therefore, opt for one of the gorgeous dolls, like Pipedreams Ultimate Fantasy Realistic Love Dolls

However, if you are running on a tight budget, there are other, cheaper sex dolls that will let you do whatever you want, as well. For instance, Teresa Barkley is already on her knees.

A Few Tips on How to Properly Care for Your Sex Toys

Since you invested money into your collection of sex toys, you're probably not willing to part from them sooner than necessary. For this reason, you need to pay special attention to cleaning and storing them properly. That way, you'll increase their life span and avoid the risk of damaging your own health.

1. Make Sure You Clean the Toys Before and After Each Use

Clean your sex toys with mild antibacterial soap and warm water and let them air dry before and after each use. Or, if not possible, you can use a body-safe toy cleaner

2. Choose the Right Lube 

Lubes make everything more fun, especially if there are toys involved. However, not every lube is good for your toys. Generally speaking, use silicone lube with latex toys, and only water-based lubes with silicone ones.

3. Learn How to Store Them Properly

Maybe it doesn't seem so, but your toys can get damaged even if you don't use them as often. So, consult the user manual on how to store your gadgets the right way, take out the batteries between uses, and don't overcharge your toys.

4. Know When It's Time to Say Goodbye

As soon as you see some discoloration, damage, or notice strange odors, it's time to part with your playtime assistant. Otherwise, you risk your health.

Have Fun 

With the right toys, your pleasure will know no boundaries. Luckily for you, you can find everything you need right here at Cheaky Monkey. So, play your hand right and join the world of exploding orgasms.