Take Care of Your Own Pleasure: Best Sex Toys for Women

 To get the orgasmic boost you are craving, all you need are a few selected sex toys. Such toys help you get to know your body and how to care for your needs without having to rely on someone else — which is so empowering.

However, not all toys are created equal, and it can be a bit overwhelming to decide which ones to try. But don't worry — we can help you out. Following is the list of best sex toys for women and a few tips on how to use them properly.

Sex Toys Women Should Definitely Try

Without further ado, let's talk about the best love gadgets for your solo play sessions.

1. Bullets

If you don't have a lot of experience with sex toys, bullets can be a great toy to start with. Bullets are small clitoral stimulators that provide vibrations you will feel deep inside your core. Their size makes them inconspicuous and easy to take with you on a trip. What’s more, their shape helps you hit the right spot every time.

If all that sounds good, try Vooom! RC bullet that comes with a remote.

2. Rabbits

One of the women's all-time favorites is a rabbit vibrator. This incredible toy has it all: penetration, vibration, as well as G-spot and clitoris stimulation.

this is rabbit vibrator for women

So, if you want to feel complete satisfaction, we recommend going with Heating Rabbit Vibrator Opulent, which features ten unique vibrations and a heating option.

Buy Rabbit Vibrator

3. Wands

One of the classics among sex toys for women is a wand. This amazing gadget has been around for quite some time now, and it has an excellent track record. Its style and design can change, but the mind-blowing orgasms remain.


So, check out what the whole fuss is about and opt for our Pearl Wand. Aside from looking very elegant and providing ten different modes, this model is whisper quiet and very discreet.

4. Suction Toys

There are various kinds of suction toys. They can be bigger and include the whole sensitive vagina area, like this Pussy Suction Cup Massager. Or you can choose the one that focuses only on your clitoris, for example, Pretty Love Otis Rechargeable 7 Function Clitoral Suction.

Anyway, these sex toys make a gentle sucking sensation, and various modes create a different experience each time. 

5. Toys That Use Sonic Waves

A new wave of toys includes stimulation using sonic pulses that can reach areas of your vagina that are not accessible with external vibrations. But, wait until you learn about Shots Media Mythical Clitoral Vibrator. This incredible toy has a flexible tip to hit every woman's G-spot, sonic waves for deep clitoral stimulation, and ten vibration modes. In short, earth-shattering orgasms are guaranteed.

6. Butt Plugs

Anal stimulation can bring you to a whole new level of pleasure, especially if you have a Vibrating Plug With Remote. This amazing butt plug has up to 20 vibration functions that let you discover what works for you back there.

7. Dildos

In the end, ladies that are not fans of battery-operated toys can always turn to simple yet effective dildos. Dildos come in countless sizes, designs, colours, and shapes. So, there are thin, long, short, double-headed, realistic cock-looking, straight, and curved ones, to name a few.

A Few Tips on How to Safely Use Sex Toys

We can all agree that sex toys can make your life much more fun and pleasurable. However, if you want them to last longer and avoid certain health risks, you need to take proper care of them. For this reason, we have prepared a few tips.

1. Clean Before and After Each Use

You want to be as meticulous as possible when it comes to cleaning your sex toys. Most toys come with a users manual that will tell you how to clean your toy properly. Still, it would be best if you cleaned and air dried your toys before and after each use with mild antibacterial soap and warm water. But if you have toys that won't fare well with water, you can buy a special toy cleaner, like one that is gentle on the skin, as well.

2. Use the Right Lube

Toys are mostly lube-friendly, but you have to pick the right kind so as not to damage them. For instance, use silicone lube with latex toys, and only water-based lubes with silicone love gadgets.

3. Store Properly

User manuals will let you know how to store your toy properly. But generally speaking, it would be best to remove batteries between uses to avoid damaging the motor. Furthermore, make sure it's completely dry before returning it to its box.

Additional tip: try not to overcharge your sex toys.

4. Know When to Toss Out Your Toy

When you notice even the smallest signs of wear and tear, such as discolouration, odours, and cracks, it means it's time to toss out your sex toy. Damaged toys pose a serious health risk.

For Your Pleasure

All in all, if you decide to venture into the world of sex toys, you are in for a great time. Not only will your solo sessions become that much enjoyable, but it'll also be fun experimenting and discovering sensations you had no idea existed.